July 4th Get Up

Folks all over the country are pulling out their red, white and blue clothes to celebrate Independence Day. Reise took a quick trip to Goodwill in Canoga Park, CA, to bring you this banging July 4th getup.

Get festive with this polka dot swing miniskirt, $6.99 and starstruck sleeveless tied-at-the-waist shirt, $3.99. For shoes, we have a sparkly flat day option, $6.99. At night, ditch the flats and slide into some high voltage heels. Gold Aldo heels, $14.99, or silver strappy heels, $12.99.


This outfit goes day to night and head to toe for less than $35.

Photo Jun 28, 7 23 35 PM

Important takeaway: thrift shopping shines at holidays. Halloween costumes, ugly Christmas sweaters, New Year’s Eve cocktail dresses, etc., all can be had at your local thrift store. Plan ahead and knock them dead.

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