Gingham? Check!

Summer is here! Time to pull out the gingham, says Who What Wear:

Gingham is a spring/summer fashion perennial that has sprouted up every year for eons. This means you can find all sorts of checks waiting in thrift stores. Here are some of our recent classic shirt finds down that can be dressed up or down.  For women, a Denim & Supply, Ralph Lauren button-down for $2.49, Salvation Army, Canoga Park, CA.

Photo Jul 04, 11 22 20 AM

For men, we recently scored two Banana Republic gingham shirts (no-iron, tailored slim fit, standard collar) for $4 each, at My Best Friend’s Closet in Palm Desert, CA. And speaking of collars, the website Real Men Real Style has a handy-dandy illustrated guide to recognizing all the variations of men’s collars, from British Spread to wing tip, along with tips on which collars flatter certain faces and necks.

Women can borrow these shirts from the boys and wear them over a top. Or, ladies can get leggy with it: Belt the shirt at the waist and voila, a dress.

Banana Republic shirts



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