Robes Rule the Day

Robes are usually reserved for the inner sanctum of your home, but in spring and summer 2017 the robe for outerwear trend brought this bedroom staple out to the streets in a big way. Luckily for Reise, she thrifts vintage robes, silk kimonos and yukatas (the cotton garments similar to kimonos that are often in blue and white prints).  So when this trend rolled around she was ready for it. Here are a few examples styled with one of Reise’s all-time favorite vintage St. John belts that she found for $1.99 at Salvation Army.



A Salvation Army robe find, $4.99


Robes are an opportunity to wear something dramatic, colorful and — most of all — comfortable.

Found this for $5.49 at Salvation Army



Reise picked up her newest robe just this past Friday, and it’s still sporting its purple Goodwill tag that says $4.99. It is a heavyweight jacquard with a fringed hem, and is  proof positive that even in the middle of fashion’s robe trend, there are still plenty of unique pieces to be had. Another plus: Shopping for trends at thrift stores gives you a better chance to find pieces that are truly vintage and of higher quality than what you find at fast fashion retailers.

Newest find, $4.99 Goodwill

Take the robe trend as an opportunity to explore thrifting. Fashion folks are saying this look will roll into the fall.



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