Seeing Double and Triple and More

It’s a thrifting truism. At stores, you often find multiples of the same brand, same style and same size of clothing items. Someone really liked a shirt, a pair of shoes or a blazer, and bought it in various colors and patterns. Then, they changed their mind, were ready for a new season, were downsizing for a move or outgrew the item, and donated all of them in one fell swoop. So, if you are that size and partial to the style, it is your lucky day.

Take these Hawaiian shirts. They are made in Honolulu by the well-known brand Cooke Street, and are 100 percent cotton, with buttons spelling out the Cooke Street name.

ShirtSomeone donated 10 of them, size XXL, to Desert Best Friend’s Closet, one of our very favorite thrift shops, located in Palm Desert, CA. Was it because fall was coming and summer shirts were no longer a thing for the donor? Regular thrifters know that the end of a season is a good time to stock up on what others are shedding.


redThe shirts looked barely worn. (If you have 10 of something, it’s a pretty good bet that most will be in pristine condition. Hard to wear out that many shirts of the same style!)

Everything in the philanthropic shop is $5, but if you buy 5 items, the price drops to $4. So we spent $4 a shirt, and delivered several of them to a tall XXL we know. Chris wears two of them, below.

Chris 2

Chris 1We have found magnificent multiples in shoes, in robes, in polo shirts, in jeans and – most often – in men’s dress shirts. Lesson to take away? When you find one item you like on a rack or rail, look carefully nearby. Its twin may be hanging there, too.

Same brand,size


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