A ‘ThriftStyle’ Flames Desire – mylittlebird.com Review

When Annie Groer, a “Washington journalist who writes widely about design, culture and politics” in addition to being a seasoned thrifter, starts a review of your book on thrifting with a CV that lays out her amazing thrift store cred, one is bound to be a bit nervous about what is going to come next:

“Much of what has filled my closets and drawers since has come from thrift and consignment shops, flea markets, estate and yard sales. Hundreds of other objects of sartorial desire have been passed along to my nearest and dearest, including a $1 Hermès scarf and a $10 Hermès jacket, Cartier gold-and-diamond cufflinks for 85 cents, countless cashmere sweaters and scarves costing under $5 and several alligator purses, none topping $20.”

Gasp! Did she say a Hermes jacket for $10??? Yes, she did. Want to know what she had to say about ThriftStyle? Read about it at mylittlebird.com

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