The Comeback Kilt — at a Bargain

We follow @williamgarretphotography (and not just because Allison and Peggy went to high school with him in Chagrin Falls, Ohio). Bill travels the world doing fashion photography and has a great eye for composition and color.  He posted this image from a shoot he did recently for @cosmopolitanuk, and we were pleased to see the plaid kilt in center frame. In the early and mid-1960s, we all had kilts in our closet, and it looks like this Carnaby Street look is coming back.

Screenshot 2017-06-16 04.45.54 copy

By coincidence, not long ago, Allison spotted a true Scottish black, cranberry and green kilt at the New2You Thrift Store in Cincinnati, Ohio. This three-floor shop, in a grand old home near the University of Cincinnati, has many well-organized rooms of treasures.

The all-wool kilt was made with fabric from Strathmore Woollen Co., Ltd., of Forfar, Scotland, a longtime maker of Scottish tartan.

Kilt label

On its website the company sells more than 400 tartan designs, which are searchable by clan name, in lengths starting at one meter. Tartan scarves, sashes and stoles are also for sale. If you want to create your own instant clan history, the company will create a new tartan pattern for you.

Full kilt

This kilt was in mint condition for $25, which included the fancy kilt pin that was attached (at the lower right in above photo).

price tag

New2You Thrift Store is at 206 William Howard Taft Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45219. 513/751-6298.


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