Just When I Thought I Was Out … They Pull Me Back In!

A report from Reise Moore:

As of late I have been in pare-down mode when it comes to my closet. Wise thrifters know you must have an eye for the edit or your closet will get away from you. The problem is, I have eclectic tastes and thrifting has indulged every look and trend I imagine and covet. My closet, OK — real talk — closets (I may have co-opted some of my kid’s closet space) are bursting. Truthfully, I need to fall out of love with a bunch of my clothes darlings. So when my bestie Dr. Kia Skrine Jeffers decided she needed a jewel tone topper to make her professional headshot pop, I suggested thrifting with the innocent intent of being only an extra eye looking out for goodies for her. Purely support mode.

Yep, that was the plan in my head before we hit Goodwill Canoga Park. Support mode quickly dissolved into score mode and next thing I knew, I was walking around with an armload of darlings that were coming home with me.

Kia perplexed. Reise pure bliss.

Dr. Kia did find a vibrant cobalt blue jacket that she paired with a vintage liquid silver and turquoise piece of Native American jewelry that I thrifted once upon a time. The jacket and necklace added a beautiful pop to her professional headshot.

Dr. Kia Skrine Jeffers rocking the jewel tones

And I added three dresses, a kimono, and a lovely vintage handbag with the original pocket mirror still inside to my collection of darlings, all for $29.

Vintage lady bag. Genuine leather.
Work Day
Church Day
Dapper Day

I’m counting this trip as a win for Kia, a win for me and a bust for my closet. Edit be damned!

Chill Day

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