It’s Frugalicious!

When word of a particularly good resale store spreads way beyond its geographic location, it’s worth checking out.

We had heard many thrifters exult over the snappily-named Frugalicious shop in Easton, MD. (Definition: “To be frugal and fabulous at the same time.”)

Frugalicious new exterior

These shoppers didn’t live nearby, but in Washington D.C., Boston and New York City. All made a point of driving to this historic Eastern Shore city to check in regularly with the offerings at Frugalicious.

window scrinm

We were glad we took the advice of these far-flung customers.

Owner Brenda Kirby, who has run her upscale resale boutique for nine years in various Easton locations, registered the name after she seized on it after she taught a Zumba class. “I just love thrifting and I realized Easton needed an upscale consignment boutique. I hit on the name and called all my friends to clean out their closets.”

Frugalicious owner Brenda Kirby

Her inventory has expanded widely since then, with customers sending garments seasonally from their vacation homes.

We visited her latest location just three weeks after she and her artistic daughter had transformed the prime downtown space to an interesting boutique with imaginative décor. How about a faux zebra rug? Or a checkout counter hand-painted to resemble granite? Audrey Hepburn peers down from a back wall and dramatic black beading backs the mannequins in the window. Combing through these racks of top and mid-priced labels and trying on finds in its one-of-a-kind dressing rooms is fun.


striped rug

We paid regular Frugalicious prices for a jersey Dana Buchman white/black skirt, perfect for travel, for $26, and a Chaus purple/red shell for $12 and a black/blue striped shell for $14. They were such versatile, pristine and easy-care wardrobe pieces that we didn’t mind paying consignment, rather than thrift prices.


Prices vary from brands such as Soft Surroundings to Louis Vuitton and St. John.

Kirby learned thrift from an early age, growing up on a farm in Churchill, MD, wearing hand-me-down clothes. She developed an appreciation of fashion pioneers such as Coco Chanel, and realized that women of all income levels are interested in well-designed, well-made clothing.

Longtime Frugalicious shoppers know to visit the store on the second weekend of January, when everything is 50 percent off in cash-only sales. On other days, blue, yellow and teal tags indicate 50 percent off, and brown dot tags signify 75 percent off.


The downtown shopping district in Easton also holds First Fridays, when art galleries and shops stay open in the evenings. Many shops serve cocktails, and customers stroll throughout the downtown. Upcoming, on Nov. 10, is the shop’s ninth annual Waterfowl Festival cocktail party, with wine, beer, snacks, discounts and a possible dance party.

Whenever you visit, you’ll find Frugalicious a welcoming destination that will make you (and your wallet) smile.

Frugalicious, 11 N. Harrison St., Easton, MD 21601. 410-822-3355

Open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sunday.

LB shoe


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