Jumpsuits and Boiler Suits

Over the past few weeks, Allison has been visiting vintage clothing stores in the Coachella Valley, asking proprietors what trends they are seeing. At every shop, the word “jumpsuit” has been mentioned. Jumpsuits or boiler suits, as they are known in Britain, are hot.

Boiler suits are defined as a one-piece protective garment worn for heavy manual labor. On farmers, they are often called coveralls. Pilots wear jumpsuits, which often feature many zippered pockets in addition to a heavy-duty zipper down the front.

New jumpsuits and boilers sell for $125 and up, but we found this detail-heavy flight suit at Central Thrift in Los Angeles for $3. We spent another $10 on dry-cleaning, and then Jordan claimed it for her own, pairing it with a pair of yellow Doc Martens. Even though it was a tad roomy for her, that’s the point of coveralls. Her alterations consisted of rolling up the sleeves.

Jordan overall

2 thoughts on “Jumpsuits and Boiler Suits

  1. Hey pretty amazing blog but there are some point missing like difference between a jumpsuit and a boiler suit. A boilersuit is a one-piece garment with full length sleeves and legs like a jumpsuit, but usually less tight-fitting. Its main feature is that it has no gap between jacket and trousers or between lapels, and no loose jacket tails. Jumpsuit is very literal and it began as an outfit for parachuters and skydivers. The suit’s specific purpose was for jumping from planes.
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