The Abundant Benefits of Resale

We just received a long email from Frugalicious, a creative consignment boutique in Easton, Maryland. It reminded us of the important role resale shops play in our economy and in expanding clothing choices for bargain-seeking shoppers.

The letter is a thank-you to consigners and an update on Frugalicious’s successful efforts to thrive as a business for ten years, as well as giving back to the community and helping save the environment by cutting down on waste.

Exterior Frug

In it, we learned the store has helped 2,200 consigners sell unwanted items, earning them more than $2.7 million in extra income. The store also has employed more than 40 women, working part-time. It has donated more than $150,000 in clothing and accessories to charitable causes (including gift certificates) to its Eastern Shore community and allowed buyers to send heavily discounted clearance items to their families still living in Ghana, Mexico and Guatemala.

Frugalicious often conducts free in-home appointments for widows and widowers to help with the emotionally fraught work of cleaning out clothes closets.

The store is entitled to praise itself for offering customers “a fun place to shop and an affordable alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on clothing and accessories, which helps not only transform their look, but save money for other necessities.”


The downtown shop, just steps from the historic Tidewater Inn, has become a popular setting for retail therapy and for friends to meet, particularly on Easton’s evening arts walks.

Brenda Kirby, the owner, told consigners, “We’ve received testimonials on how some women who knew little about fashion, or thought they couldn’t afford nice things, have transformed not only their looks, but themselves with confidence they didn’t have before. They have new outfits for work, for their kids and relatives, for dates, weddings, and even the White House, Christmas balls and the Emmy Awards!”

Brenda Kirby
Frugalicious owner Brenda Kirby

As befits a business that listens to its customers, the shop has set up a Consigners Concierge station for 12 hours each week, for privacy and convenience. Clothes are taken in there by appointment, although there are Drop-off Fridays, where consigners can drop off 10 items or fewer in specific categories of inventory that the shop needs. The shop’s wish list changes weekly and is listed online.

One reason for the store’s success is the pristine condition of all clothing and accessories. Consigners are charged a 50-cent per item steaming fee if a garment comes in wrinkled or folded, rather than on hangers.

Consigners can request their checks online, as well as making their appointments digitally.

“The Frug” is making resale easy, fun and rewarding. Kirby thanked her consigners by saying, “While your items are being re-purposed, they might just be responsible for making a big difference in not only someone’s day, but in their life. Who knows where one of your garments will end up next!”

Frugalicious, 11 N. Harrison St., Easton, MD 21601. 410-822-3355.

window scrinm




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