It Suits Us

The march toward full-on suited and booted seemed to take forever. Blazers took off and we stopped just short of a full blown suit moment and hovered there forever. Then all of a sudden, suits took off. I am here for it. Thrifting suits is a brilliant idea because what you find is that designers are tapping into the power suit of yore to create current looks. Oversized jackets and pleated pants are in. That 80s suit is waiting to be found in a thrift store. We found the one below at a Goodwill in Rockville, Maryland, for $19.99. It is French made (label: Dana Cote d’Azur) in 100 percent wool with beautiful tailoring, including contrast color inserts at the shoulders.

If oversized is not your jam, fitted suits are the way to go. Color is also a very spring way to work this trend, so look beyond black, gray and brown. I have not stumbled across a suit with a good color payoff just yet but when I do, I will be sure to post. Ultimately, wear what works for you. Confidence is the only thing needed to elevate an outfit.

ThriftStyle 5-538Suits are also a good opportunity to focus on quality. Look for natural fibers and look for signs of quality, such as bound buttonholes, covered seams, detailed linings with interior pockets and unusual buttons.  Also, do not be deterred if you find a suit and it is not the perfect fit. Suits practically beg to be tailored. If the legs are too wide, a tailor can narrow them. If the arms are too short, check the inside of the sleeves and there will more than likely be enough material for a tailor to lengthen them. Thrifting a suit means you can spend very little.  Most of my suits came from Goodwill at $9.99 a pop, which makes it worth it to take them to a tailor to have them perfectly fitted without blowing my budget. A perfectly tailored suit is a magical thing.

My favorite find so far has to be my Armani suit. I got it at Goodwill for $29.99. It is a lightweight wool that just feels dreamy. Berkeley agrees

Also, by thrifting suits, it is an excuse to be irreverent with them. I got this suit for $5 at Goodwill on half off day. You don’t have to save a suit for work or a special occasion. Pair your suit with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Take the suit off the pedestal and have fun with it. Animal print and tennis shoes? Why not?IMG_5617.JPGOh, Oh, and one last thing. Suiting sometimes happens by accident. These are two different makers, a Brooks Brothers jacket I got for $6.99 at Goodwill and a pair of International Concepts pants I got for $2 at Salvation Army. They are really two different shades of burgundy corduroy. I’m sure this is probably breaking some fashion rule somewhere to wear them together as a suit, but what did I say about confidence? Throw it on and roll! Thrifters don’t follow rules.





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