Trend: Animal Print

ThriftStyle 5-871Fashion is having a jungle love moment right now. Leopard, zebra and snakeskin prints are everywhere. Leopard is a classic print that never really goes out of style.  Everybody should have a showstopping leopard piece they can pull out and wow with at a moment’s notice. This Misook swing coat is an example of that. Pair it with anything and it explodes to the next level. I found this for $5.99 at Salvation Army.

This vintage 100 percent silk zebra print dress is also a bold statement, tamed only by the shirtdress cut. (It was regularly $6.99 at the Goodwill in La Quinta, CA, but since it was the “color of the week,” it set me back only $3.50.) I played around with the belt to show how simple change in accessory can completely change the look. All of the belts are vintage. None was more than $5. The booties are not thrifted.


Mixed print is tough. It takes a degree in fashiontology to nail. But it doesn’t stop me from trying (yes, I made up a degree).


This sparkly crystal belt could easily take dress into evening with a change of shoes.


Red pairs well with zebra print. The pop of color sets it off.

Below, Devon wears a shirtdress in leopard print. Again, it is a conservative cut that tempers the wild print.

thriftstyle-4-1599-e1553719068679.jpgIf going full blown exotic is a little too much for your personal taste, you can always look to find accessories to add a splash of it into your look. Handbags fit the bill. These are a few that I have collected over the years. Not only are they beautiful, but the resale value of authentic bags is usually worth the minuscule investment. None of these bags cost more than $8.

ThriftStyle-304I recently bought this Carlos Falchi snakeskin handbag for $5.99, and then discovered that it retails in the resale market for hundreds of dollars. Score!

I’ve always found thrifting opens a world of possibilities to define personal style. Hunting for these prints on your next trip is a fun way to add some exotic into your wardrobe.


Here is a midi dress option. It was $8.99 at Salvation Army. The booties were $14 at Collector’s Corner Premier Resale Shop in Rancho Mirage, CA.




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