Thrifting Tips from the Pros

We wrote an article for about thrifting tips, gleaned from our trips to more than 400 thrift shops coast to coast, as well as observations from other avid thrifters. We meant to link to it two months ago, but it’s all timeless, useful information!


Here’s the link:


Michelle Raven, of Minneapolis, founder of @whenthriftersthrift, a blog that features finds from thrifters around the globe, was one of the experts we consulted. In the article, she talks about how to be intentional in your shopping, rather than piling everything in your cart because the prices are so low.

Central interiorJoyce Sobczyk, another expert we sought out, runs The Closet Consult in south Florida, a 10-year-old service that helps people organize, refresh and downsize their closets and wardrobes. She tells how she makes a visual scan of racks first, before touching a single hanger. The better fabrics leap out at her, allowing her to find a quality gem in the midst of average cottons and polyesters.

Sideways pants

We are endlessly attracted to thrift and consignment stores, for the thrill of the hunt, the bargains and the possibility of finding something you’ve never imagined or seen before. If you’ve never crossed a thrift store’s threshold, the article will get you going.

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