Summer Means Woven Bags

How we get our thrifting thrills: There’s nothing better than seeing some stratospheric prices in fashion magazines and then finding similar looks in thrift shops for a bare fraction of the cost.

This spring, the New York Times T magazine pulled together a page of eight woven purses currently on the market. The cheapest was $195 (Frances Valentine) and the most expensive was $7,800 (Hermès). The average price was $2,057. The page is shown here.

T mag page

Reise went to her collection of recently-thrifted woven purses, and pulled out these seven.

The most expensive, the early 1960s needlepoint rectangle, was $22. We found that at an antiques mall – a sometimes-overlooked source for vintage purses, scarves and hats. The other six purses were each $12 or less.


If you want a woven bag for summer at one-tenth the price of a new one, get thrifting!

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