Instant Message – on a Hat

Floppy straw hats with fun messages are invading beaches and pool decks this summer. From $495 versions from Eugenia Kim to Kate Spade’s $98 Hello Sun hat, straw hats with messages are showing up in boutiques, department stores and on Etsy.

Some of the impish messages we’ve seen on brims include: Don’t Bother Me,

Talk to the Sand, Made You Look, Chase the Sun, Honeymooning, Life’s a Beach,

Boss Lady, Privacy Please, Wine O’Clock and Out of the Office.

Smart thrifters can create their own. Big-brimmed straw hats are a staple at thrift stores, rarely for more than $3. Add your own message by tracing the words lightly in pencil on the brim. Then, use a glue gun to add a string of flat sequins over the letters. Flat 6 mm sequins are available in spools of 100 yards for $6 to $10 on Amazon, in black, silver or gold.

We chose the message “Do Not Disturb” for our hat, worn here by Peggy’s daughter Emily. For $13 or less, you can create one of summer’s sweet looks – and with your own name or clever message. How fun for personalized hats for a bachelorette party or for a girls’ vacay?

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