Grabbed a Givenchy

This cuff bracelet was part of an epic jewelry sale that Reise stumbled upon. Reise is a statement jewelry type of girl so she was immediately drawn to this big, bold piece. When she saw the makers’ mark “Givenchy,” she snatched it up. Her inner label geek was anxious to get it home and research this beauty’s background.

givenchy bracelet

Givenchy jewelry is currently sold at department stores such as Nordstrom and Macy’s at fairly reasonable prices. But Givenchy has been making jewelry since the 1950s. Vintage Givenchy pieces are collectible and they sell for hundreds of dollars. Reise did some internet detective work on her Givenchy gold cuff and discovered it is a 1960s piece. Her research revealed her $5 investment sold for over $650 at an online vintage jewelry store. Mind officially blown.

givenchy sale page



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