Summer Nights – Roberto Cavalli

We were rule-breakers a couple weeks ago. First off, in the high heat of summer, we bought a leather jacket. This lightweight leather with its creamy off white color is actually considered a “summer leather,” perfect for cool, balmy summer nights.

Second, normally we balk at paying more than $15 for any item of clothing at a thrift store, but we officially broke the bank at the Goodwill in Los Angeles’ Westchester neighborhood.


Imagine spotting this jacket with its soft white quilted texture and crazy amount of detailing – leather loops and ball buttons down the front, braided leather accents at the shoulders and patch pockets, interesting white netting at the cuffs, neck and hem. Not your basic leather blazer, for sure, and since we are never about being basic, it was instantly intriguing. But the price tag startled us: $99.99, (Wait, what?) The metal label sewn inside the neck explained the price – it was an original Roberto Cavalli, (Wait, WHAT!)

Cavalli tag

Cavalli, known as “a genius when it comes to leather,” is a genuine rule breaker in his own right. He is the name behind many daring and intriguing looks, most recently Beyonce’s ethereal and dangerous marigold dress in “Lemonade.” The Italian designer’s new leather blazers sell in the $4,800 to $6,000 range, and previously worn examples of his heavily embellished leather jackets sell in the $550 – $1,200 range. Looking at it that way, $99.99 was a relative bargain.

Photo Jun 30, 1 42 20 PM

The ThriftStyle take away here is two-fold: Eschew basic. Have fun and break the rules: Buy leather in the summer, wear sequins for day, shop in the men’s section for women’s clothing (and vice versa). Next, build up your designer knowledge game so you know when you have stumbled upon something that is a true bit of treasure.


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