We See You Beyonce: A Sip of Lemonade

If you’ve seen Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade, you can’t forget the stunning image of Yonce virtually floating down the street in that gorgeous ruffles upon ruffles marigold dress. You know the dress? The one she wore while swinging a bat, breaking windows and terrorizing the neighborhood. Right, that one.


Vandalism aside, that Roberto Cavalli dress was everything. So much so, fashion pundits everywhere predicted yellow was going to be the color of spring and summer 2017, and bam! Here we are and yellow is in.

With this color trend cue in mind, you can easily update your 2017 spring and summer wardrobe with a pop of yellow. Here is our @ThriftStyle take on it, a Diane von Furstenberg silk blouse with a ruffled neck, $3.99, Goodwill, Los Angeles @USC.  “Hold up,” DVF for $3.99! Yep!


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