Reise Brakes for Garage Sales

“Huge Jewelry Garage Sale 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.” No quicker way to make me almost crash my car than to place a sign like that on a busy six-lane boulevard. A frantic U-turn and a few cuss words later, I’m hunting this sale down. Forget my original errand to Target. It took a couple of missed turns and two other yard sales to find, but when I arrived it was hard to play it cool. I walked into a neat little garage filled with loads of sparkle and shine.


This treasure trove was courtesy of a Hollywood costumer who was selling accessories that had been collected over decades.


Most items were priced at $5 to $10 and were worth much more. The vintage Givenchy cuff we featured in a previous ThriftStyle blog post was from this garage sale and is a perfect example of that. After spending what was previously my Target money (who needs laundry detergent when there are vintage baubles to be had?), I walked away with several pieces of unique and beautiful bling.

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